Jackson Reece Wipes, Bumbo Baby Seat in the news


It’s been a good Friday for us here at Keen. A whole slew of bloggers have deemed today the day to post some lovely reviews of the awesome Jackson Reece Herbal Baby Wipes and the award winning Bumbo Baby Seat. Jackson Reece is a new offering for Keen and we’re proud to have it. It offers modern health-conscious parents a wipe made without harsh chemicals. It’s 99% comprised of vegetable and herbal extracts, and is gentle on baby’s skin.

In the Know Mom (www.intheknowmom) says of the wipes, “With ingredients such as organic aloe vera, organic lavender essential oil and organic tea tree oil, they’ll help soothe the skin and calm rashes and eczema. The wipes are free of alcohol, chlorine, parabens, lanolin, phthalates and many other ingredients considered to be harsh on baby’s skin. I love these wipes. Finally a wipe that’s gentle on my daughter’s sensitive skin, but degrades on it’s own leaving less of a carbon footprint on our earth.”

You can find other Jackson Reece reviews here: 



The Bumbo Baby Seat is great for babies who aren’t quite strong enough to sit up on their own yet. It’s amazing to see how they light up when they sit in it for the first time. A List Baby (http://alistbaby.net) has a cool review here: http://alistbaby.net/2010/06/bumbo-baby-seat/

You can check out another here: http://www.ladyandtheblog.com/2010/06/25/award-winning-bumbo-baby-seat/

While you’re at it, check out the new Bumbo Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bumbousa.com). We are building a fun community for Bumbo owners and kids and telling a great story about Bumbo’s charity work in its home of South Africa.


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