Keen Distribution introduces UK-formulated, compostable herbal baby wipes to the U.S. CHANDLER, AZ – Keen Distribution, provider of ground-breaking parenting products from around the world, launches award-winning Jackson Reece Soothing Herbal Baby Wipes in the United States. These gentle, compostable wipes contain organic ingredients that are suitable for children with eczema and sensitive skin, and are packaged in bio-degradable materials.

Jackson Reece Soothing Herbal Baby Wipes were developed in the United Kingdom and boast a unique, natural balm containing ingredients derived from renewable plant resources that are free of alcohol, chlorine, parabens, lanolin, phthalates and many other ingredients considered to be harsh on baby’s skin.

 “Jackson Reece is delighted to be working with Keen Distribution,” said Janet and Colin Cordner, co-founders and parents of Jackson and Reece. “We’ve been heavily inspired by nature to develop the Jackson Reece soothing herbal wipes, so parents will be pleased to know that they are hypoallergenic, bio-degradable and have never been tested on animals. We are really excited that through our partnership with Keen Distribution, Jackson Reece wipes will now be widely available to parents and their kids throughout the United States.”

“As American parents become more committed to providing their children with environmentally responsible products containing organic, sustainable ingredients, we are certain that Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes would be a natural place to begin,” Keen Distribution President Ryan Fernandez, said. “These wipes offer a safe and gentle solution for baby and provide a great scent that can only be accomplished with the best natural ingredients.”

Founded in 2008, Keen Distribution is a turn-key US distributor for novel and contemporary juvenile products from around the globe. Keen distributes products and brands ranging from the award winning Bumbo Baby Seat; The Mommy Hook stroller accessory, and safety sleep pioneers Gro Company from the UK. Major customers include Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Wal-Mart,,, and Giggle. Jackson Reece Soothing Herbal Baby Wipes are sold in 72-count, bio-degradable packages for SRP $4.99.

More information at Contact: Adam Vincent, (480) 619-4113.


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