World Cup Fun with Bumbo


We here at Keen Distribution are excited about the World Cup going on in South Africa. While we are soccer fans, we also are excited about our ties to the host country. We are the US distributor for Bumbo, which is based in the capital city of Pretoria, South Africa. Bafana Bafana (the nickname for the South African soccer team) play today in Pretoria against heavily favored Uruguay. Some of us were just in South Africa visiting Bumbo on business and it was amazing how jazzed the whole country is on the World Cup. Everything in the country is soccer-themed right now: buildings are painted to look like soccer balls, World Cup banners are everywhere and people are driving around with South Africa flags on their car doors. Sadly we were there just a couple weeks before the World Cup, but have been watching diligently from home.

In order to celebrate the World Cup we are launching some initiatives on Bumbo’s Facebook page. One is a membership drive – sign up for the Bumbo FB page and you can win a free Bumbo Baby Seat. You will see more fun things throughout the month, so stay tuned to the Keen blog and the Bumbo Facebook page:


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